What are you wearing…

What is that you’re wearing…

Many times we dress our flesh to impress but don’t clothe our spirit. After a while we no longer have that “thing” that catches anyone’s eye. Why, you say..because you’re empty. Your spirit is naked looking to be clothed. The Word of God is the garment your spirit longs for.  Sometimes we fall off from putting on that which gives us the true essence of who we are. We don’t get the “it” factor from anyone else but the Father. That’s what sets us apart and makes us whole from the inside out. You then become a Sacred Siren™, fully clothed. She is the woman who you were designed to be, created by the designer of all designers, the eternal one. Don’t you know that you are “fearfully and wonderfully made?” (Psalm 139:14). Make the time to clothe yourself with the Word of God. When you do you have the ability to seduce (attract) & radiate a beauty from the inside out.

You know what I’m saying. We ALL have met “that chick” who we saw from a far and we’re like “Aw, she’s pretty.” Then we get to know her and her empty spirit takes away from her temporal beauty. That is such a shame, right? Right. You may even be the unaware female whose spirit diminishes her outward beauty and no one has taken the time to let you know. I’m telling you and walking you thru how to become a Sacred Siren™. Put on that fly dress AND the presence of the Lord. (Romans 13:14)

What does that look like you say? It starts with devoting time to pick out your spiritual outfit. Every day whether it’s 5 minutes or an hour, meditate on the Word of God. You’ll then be fully clothed and radiate that “it” factor from the inside out. You won’t just be like the rest, all lip service but embody Him without words. Be sacred…a Sacred Siren™

A love letter from Your King: (excerpt from His Princess, Love Letters from Your King by Sheri Rose Shepherd)

My Princess…. Dress like royalty

I’ve called you to be royalty, My princess. You don’t have to conform to the wardrobes of `this world to feel good about yourself. Remember, what you wear initially defines what people think about you. I want your wardrobe to honor Me. You don’t need to dress to get attention-I can make you more beautiful than any fashion designer because I specialize in internal and eternal makeovers. Your favor and beauty will radiate because you are a reflection of Me. Keep in mind that those who design clothes expose your body do not love your soul like I do. My love, let your wardrobe reveal My spirit-not your flesh. So robe yourself TODAY like the royalty you are.


Your King and your eternal beauty (Proverbs 31:30)

Sacred Strategy™:
~ Decide on a time to put on the presence of the Lord daily that is conducive to YOUR schedule with the ability to give HIM your best. *Watch how fly your internal will become :-) *
~ Find a scripture to meditate on a week for the specific season you are in right now

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3 Responses to What are you wearing…

  1. Janine says:

    How true how true this is.. What are we clothing ourselves with these days ladies? Col 3:12-16 tells us about the wardrobe of a well dressed Christian.. Clothing ourselves the way Jesus did… DAILY..
    Compassion, Kindness, Gentleness, Patience, Kindness, Humility, Patience, Forgiveness and with LOVE.. binding it all with LOVE!! GOD’s WORD is powerful.. Let’s take our Sister Siren’s advice and get in HIS WORD… so HE can get into US! INSIDE AND OUT! *Don’t leave the house without being “FULLY CLOTHED”.. I am learning this everyday…. Love you Madame C.R.O… smooches!! ~J

  2. Gabby F. says:

    I love this post. Think its very true. Beauty comes from within.

  3. Patricia says:

    Society has tried to overpower us and for some has even beat us down to believe that we are to please the opposite sex with the revealing outfits and such. To be comfortable with ones self means to be comfortable with what the Lord has let us borrow (not given). Our bodies. We belong to Him and should respect his body in a way that makes us Sacred. We not only do this for ourselves but sometimes more importantly to represent the younger generations of little women to understand that we must clothe ourselves in His ways.